Lee aka uncle poodle Age=31

  • He has nine toes
  • He is HIV positive.[[File:Uncle_poodle.jpeg|thumb|176px|uncle poodle
  • He is Homosexual (Said in two Episodes
  • He is Mike's younger brother.
  • When he lived in his parents house he couldn't flush toilet paper.
  • He got HIV from his boyfriend.
  • He is gay.
  • He was caught doing credit card fraud in 2002.
  • He also has done speeding in the past and got 5 speeding tickets.
  • He has done theft and obstructing the law enforcement.
  • He also has driven with a suspended license.
  • He married Jousha Yarbrough who was his boyfriend.
  • He got kicked out of his dads house.
  • He has a boating connection.
  • He knows how to cook fish sticks.
  • He vandalized a car and got arrested.
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