Here Comes Honey Boo Boo Wiki
g Sandra Hale
Nickname(s) Granny, Grandma
Gender Female
Home Georgia
Age 70's
Occupation Retired
Melvin Shannon (divorced)
June Shannon (daughter)
Jo Shannon (daughter)
Jimmy Shannon(son)
Anna Shannon-Cardwell (granddaughter),
Jessica Shannon (granddaughter),
Lauryn Hazel Shannon (granddaughter),
Alana Thompson (granddaughter), >Allison Shannon (granddaughter), Stephen Shannon (grandson), Amber Busby (granddaughter), Bryan Busby (Great-grandson), Kaitlyn Elizabeth Clark (great-granddaughter), Kylee Madison Cardwell (great-granddaughter), Ella-Grace Effird (great-granddaughter). Michell Shannon (Stepdaughter), Nichola Shannon (Stepdaughter), Aniyah Shannon (Step-granddaughter), Meme Shannon (Step-granddaughter),>Lynley-Noelle Shannon (Step-granddaughter), >Jayce Shannon(Step-grandson),Geno Doak(Son In Law), Janice Shannon(Daughter in Law).

Alexandra "Sandra" Hale was married to Melvin Shannon and had 3 children, Jimmy, Jo and June. She divorced Melvin and he went on to have two more daughters. Nichola and Michelle Shannon. She is related to the cast of Here comes Honey Boo Boo and Mama June From Not to Hot.

  • She has three children, Jimmy, JoAnn and June.
  • She has 7 Grandchildren, Stephen, Amber, Allison, Anna, Lauryn, Jessica and Alana.
  • She has four Great Grandchildren, Bryan, Kaitlyn, Kylee and Ella-Grace.
  • She has two step-daughters, Michelle & Nichola. (Melvins Children).
  • She has four step-grandchildren, Aniyah, Meme, Jayce and Lynley-Noelle. (Michelle & Nicholas children).
  • She worked a lot while June was growing up and helped raise June's children.
  • She Featured on Mama June from Not to Hot.
  • She is retired.