• Mo' Butter, Mo' Better is the first episode of the second season of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo. In this episode, the girls won't do their chores, so Mama takes their "electronical (apparently that's a real word) devices" away from them. Meanwhile, they destroy the house to punish Mama for taking their cell phones avay. Then they take Paris and send mama to the camp. The family make up a wrestling move called Cup-A-Fart. That's where you fart in your hand and throw it at your enemy. The family goes to meet some of the wrestlers and Sugar Bear pulls a Monster Cup-A-Fart. He then strips for Jabba

No one knows why this episode is called mo' butt'er mo bet"er because it doesn't have anything to to with butter.

  • Trivia:
  • Anna says that wrestling is her heart and soul.
  • You lost your faith in humanity.
  • Mama puts the girls cell phones in an empty cheese ball bucket.
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