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g Mike Thompson
Tlc sugar-bear.jpg
Nickname(s) Sugar Bear
Gender Male
Born December 13, 1971
Age 50
Height 5'0"
Occupation Reality Tv Star
Hobbies Hunting, Off road, Mud Jumping
Mary Thompson( mother - deceased)
Lee Poodle Thompson (brother), William Thompson (brother).
Alana Thompson (daughter), Anna Shannon-Cardwell (step-daughter), Jessica Shannon (step-daughter), Lauryn Mychelle Shannon (step-daughter), Ivy Lamb Sidwell (step-daughter), Joseph Lamb (step-son),
Will Thompson (nephew), Logan Thompson (nephew), Jessi Thompson (cousin) Jo Shannon (Sister In Law}, Jimmy Shannon (brother in law), Janice Shannon (sister in law), Michelle Shannon (sister in law), Nichola Shannon (sister in law), Amber Busby (neice), Stephen Shannon (nephew), Bryan Busby (nephew), Aniyah Shannon (neice), Meme Shannon (cousin), Jayce Shannon (cousin), Lynley Shannon (cousin), Michael Cardwell (step-son in law), Josh Efird (step-son in law), Brett Sidwell (step-son in law)
Love Interests June Shannon

David Michael "Mike" or "Sugar Bear" Thompson is Alana Thompson's father and June Shannon's ex. He is most recognised for his role on "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo".

  • Alana is his only biological child.
  • He has a manper which he hangs out in
  • He has a brother named Uncle Poodle.
  • He met June online.
  • He has lived in Georgia his whole life.
  • He is diabetic and did tobacco.
  • He hid snacks in his closet in his room to hide it from June and the girls.
  • He was once the winner of the no swearing contest.
  • He once had a turkey fryer but had to give it up for his marriage.
  • He went to a couples spa with June on their first anniversary.
  • He was in a relationship with June from May 14th 2004 until 2012.
  • He has spilt from June after he cheated on June.
  • He spent 12 days in a hospital after get a leg Infection and hurting his foot in an accident.
  • He also has a wife named Jennifer. They married in 2016
  • He appeared on Family Feud, Dr.Phil, Dr. Drew, Mama June from Not to Hot, Here Comes Honey Boo Boo and Marriage Bootcamp.
  • He is step-father to Aquilla Lamb and Joseph Lamb (Jennifers Children).