g Michael Alexander James Cardwell Jr..
Gender Male
Born March 12, 1992
Home Rockford ,Alabama
Age 24
Hobbies Hunting
Mike Cardwell (father)
Tonya Byrum Cardwell (mother)
Anna Shannon-Cardwell (wife, separated)
Kaitlyn Elizabeth Shannon (step-daughter)
Kylee Madison Cardwell (daughter)
Sherry (aunt)
June Shannon (mother in law)
David Dunn (father-in-law)
Alana Thompson (sister-in-law)
Jessica Shannon (sister-in-law)
Lauryn Shannon (sister-in-law)

Michael Cardwell is the husband of Anna Shannon-Cardwell, the step-father of Kaitlyn Elizabeth Shannon and the biological father of Kylee Madison Cardwell.

Life Events Edit

  • He got a job in Alabama and he moved there with Anna and Kaitlyn.
  • He works at Imerys.
  • He got engaged on December 19, 2013.
  • He got a tattoo on his shoulder to celebrate his marriage with Anna.
  • He is often called "Daddy" by Kaitlyn.
  • He treats Kaitlyn as if she was his own biological daughter.
  • He is now hoping to have a son in the future.
  • Mama June thinks that Michael will be "a good first husband".
  • He believes Anna to be "the strongest wife in the world".
  • According to Anna, he carries a gun with him wherever he goes.
  • He and Anna are now Separated