Here Comes Honey Boo Boo Wiki
g Lee Thompson
Gender Male
Home Georgia
Alana (mother, deceased)
Mike Thompson (brother)
Billy Thompson (brother)
Alan Stevenson (husband)
Alana Thompson (niece)

Lee "Uncle Poodle" Thompson is Sugar Bear's younger brother and Alana's uncle.

Life Events

  • He is about 10 years younger than Sugar Bear.
  • He is homosexual.
  • He is very fond of Alana.
  • He gets along well with Alana's sisters except for Lauryn.
  • He attempted to get custody of Alana when June started dating McDaniel.
  • He lives with his husband in a big apartment.
  • He married his long-term boyfriend Alan Stevenson in what would have been the last episode of season five.
  • Since his wedding was planned last minute a lot of family members couldn't attend although his "drag queen" friends attented.
  • He and Alan have no problem with the wedding episode not being aired since things didn't go as they planned.