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g Kaitlyn Elizabeth Shannon
Nickname(s) Gigi's baby, Kaite Lizzie
Gender Female
Born July 26, 2012
Home Georgia
Age 8
Anna Shannon-Cardwell (mother)
Caleb Clark (possible birth father)
Kylee Madison Cardwell (sister)
June Shannon (grandmother)
David Dunn (grandfather), Sandra Hale (great-grandmother), Melvin Shannon (great-grandfather)
Jessica Shannon (aunt)
Lauryn Mychelle Shannon (aunt)
Alana Thompson (aunt)
Candice Dunn (aunt)
Abby Cardwell (aunt)
Ella Grace Efird (cousin)
Josh Efird (uncle)
Jimmy Shannon (great uncle)
Jo Shannon (great aunt)
Janice Shannon (great aunt)
Michelle Shannon (great aunt)
Nichola Shannon (great aunt)
Janice Shannon (great aunt)
Aniyah Shannon (cousin)
Meme Shannon (cousin)
Jayce Shannon (cousin)
Lynley Shannon (cousin)
Amber Busby (cousin)
Stephen Shannon (cousin)
Bryan Busby (cousin)

Kaitlyn Elizabeth Shannon is the daughter of Anna Shannon-Cardwell and (possibly) Caleb Clark and the sister of Kylee Madison Cardwell.

Life Events

  • She was born in Season 1 of the show.
  • Her nickname is "Gigi's Baby".
  • Sugar Bear cut Kaitlyn's umbilical cord when she was born.
  • She was one of the flower girls at Anna's wedding.
  • She lives in Alabama with Anna, Michael, and Kylee.
  • She calls Michael "Daddy".
  • On her third birthday she had a gender-revealing cake for her new sibling.
  • She was born at 7:11pm on July 26, 2012.
  • She weighted 6 pounds and 2 ounces at birth.
  • She was born with two thumbs on her right hand and got the extra finger removed right before she started preschool at 4 years old.
  • It is unknown who her biological father is since Anna cheated on her then boyfriend, Caleb Clark.
    • Caleb Clark is sure Kaitlyn is her daughter and at one point attempted to get custody of her since he deemed Anna's maternal relatives as unfit to care for Kaitlyn. However, he never managed to do so.
  • After her mother married Michael, Kaitlyn lived in Rockford, Alabama until her mother and Michael separated and she moved back to Georgia with Anna and Kylee.