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g David Dunn
David Dunn.png
Nickname(s) "Shorty", "Bart Simpson"
Gender Male
Home Griffin, Georgia
Age 30's
Unnamed father
Unnamed wife
Anna Shannon-Cardwell (daughter)
Kaitlyn Elizabeth Shannon (granddaughter)
Kylee Madison Cardwell (granddaughter)
Michael Cardwell (son-in-law)
Love Interests June Shannon (ex-girlfriend)

David Dunn is the father of Anna and ex-boyfriend of June. He is an ex-convict.

Life Events

  • He went to prison for stealing gun in 1995.
  • In 1998 he was sent to prison again for stealing several cartons of cigarettes.
  • He was 13 when he and June had Anna.
  • He didn't know he was Anna's father in prison until he went to court.
  • He was not allowed see Anna when she was younger.
  • He did not show up for Anna's wedding.
  • He was friends with both Anna and June on Facebook.
  • He resembles Anna.