Here Comes Honey Boo Boo Wiki
g Caleb Clark
Gender Male
Born 1993
Home Georgia
Age 24-25 (estimated)
Unnamed mother
Unnamed father
Unnamed adoptive father
Unnamed fianceé
Kaitlyn Elizabeth Shannon (possible daughter)
Two unnamed children
Love Interests Anna Shannon-Cardwell (ex-girlfriend)

Caleb Clark is Anna's ex-boyfriend and the possible father of Kaitlyn.

Life Events

  • Clark and Anna dated for two years in high school before they broke up.
  • He is convinced that he is Kaitlyn's biological father but there is a chance he isn't as Anna slept with someone else the week before she was with Clark.
  • His biological father abandoned him and he was adopted by his stepfather.
  • He attempted to get custody of Kaitlyn to get her away from Anna's family.
  • He and Anna haven't spoken since Kaitlyn was two months old.
  • He wanted to marry Anna until she told him via e-mail that she had cheated on him.
  • He was unable to take legal action against Anna as she refused to allow a paternity test and he couldn't afford it.
  • Anna had supposedly agreed to a paternity test on the condition that Clark participated in the show but he refused as he didn't want to form part of "that circus".
  • In a video she uploaded on YouTube, Anna claims that Clark is very happy with his then-fianceé and their two kids and that she doesn't want to talk about him.