g Anna Marie Shannon-Cardwell
Nickname(s) Chickadee
Gender Female
Born August 28, 1994
Height 5'4"
Occupation Reality Tv Star, Mother
Hobbies Looking at toe pictures, Eating, Sleeping, Music,
June Shannon( mother), David Dunn( father),
Alana Thompson (sister),Jessica Shannon (sister), Lauryn Shannon (sister), Candice Dunn(sister).
Kaitlyn Elizabeth Clark (daughter), Kylee Madison Cardwell (daughter),
Love Interests Michael Cardwell (Husband),Caleb Clark (Kaitlyns father).

Anna Chickadee Shannon-Cardwell, born and raised in McIntyre, GA, is a reality tv star and mother. She is the sister of Alana, Honey Boo Boo.


  • Anna shares a birthday with Alana, 11 years apart
  • Her baby shower in Season 1, was Wrestling themed.
  • According to Alana, Anna has a "weird skinny gene", which prevents her from getting fat.
  • Anna got married to Michael Cardwell in 2015.
  • Kaitlyns father is Caleb Clark
  • Kylees father is Michael Cardwell
  • Anna now lives in Alabama
  • Anna & Michael are seperated
  • Anna wants more more baby, a boy
  • Anna lived with Grandma & Doe Doe growing up
  • June invited her to move back home when she was pregnant.
  • Anna's daughter Kaitlyn was born with an extra thumb, which she got removed.